I’ve only ever had two dreams in which I remember flying.

I do not remember much of the first, other than the fact that I was leading a pack of wolves through the air during the middle of the night. We were all flying. I was not a wolf. And I am not quite so sure where we were off to.

The second ending up becoming a lucid dream, in which I felt trapped in my home. There were giants who kept me captive, but I ended up figuring out that I was in a dream and decided to fly away like Superman. One of the giants tried grabbing my legs as I flew, but I ended up escaping and immediately woke up.

When I was younger, I often convinced my younger brother that I could do these magical things. I think he was smarter than I gave him credit for, as I believe that we would pretend to believe some of the things I said. And one night, seemingly so, I convinced him that I could speak wolf! I am not certain that he actually believed that, but I was pretty convincing in my mind. Wolves ended up becoming his favorite animal … he has always been connected to canines (canidae? – dogs…) and was heartbroken at the passing of my family’s furry friend – Sara(h).

She was a German Shepherd mix, loved to run away, loved to bark, and required more exercise in her life than she was offered. I found her lying dead at 9:11pm after I heard a plastic bag moving repeatedly in the middle of the night – I was alone in my room. She had a heart-attack because she wasn’t healthy enough.

I recently jumped the gun on letting my roommate know that her cat, Choco, was gone.

He ended up being found by the neighbor as they took care of him, thinking he was a stray. The owner, Nichole, is very connected with Choco and I was so worried that she was going to come home from her vacation to find that her companion was gone forever!

I sent some very nervous texts, to which she suspected that he was dead.

He was not! And is not.

He’s chillin’.

“Sit, boy!”

My brother is still in tune with the wolves.

I’ve always rotated between my ‘favorite things’, such as numbers and colors and animals. I used to love giraffes. And then it was zebras I think. Then it was penguins. Then (and now) it was and is the owl. I have always loved birds, and this one time I had one. It was a love bird without a second love bird, and I named her Poe. Unfortunately, she had a habit of flying in a terrified manner into walls, and then dropping to the ground due to the inability to fly properly.

Also probably due to brain damage.

My favorite color was originally purple – then orange – then red – then blue – then black – then white/black/blue – and now I would say it’s the goddamn rainbow. I love to wear black and white, and if I really had to choose a color instead of white/black… it would be blue.

When my favorite color switched from orange to red, my cousin Josh ended up switching his favorite color from red to orange!! This was quite awesome, and reminds me of when my sister and brother (Chloe and Jared) and myself ended up sharing with one another that we all wanted to name our first daughter, Aurora. We had no previous discussion of this!

Josh, my cousin, still has his favorite color as orange. Jared, my brother, used to love green and then eventually had the favorite color of red. To this day, he is still a fan of red.

My favorite number has switched so often that I really can’t tell you an accurate reflection of my journey with number attunement. It has gone from 0-10 (except for 5 and 6) and then branched out into more specific numbers. I would say my very favorite number is 37, with 22 being the second (at this time).

37 is like my guiding number of life. 22 is the most recent number of synchronicity for me – and 9 is my favorite single-digit number. I like nines a lot.

But I also appreciate the zero and the one, you know?

My brother’s favorite number is 7.


Jared is my guiding light.

He was heavily influenced by me growing up, and it is really special to see him truly step into his own branch of identity without me being there affect it. Not that it’s a bad thing for us to influence each other, but I imagine that he would agree that we need space to step into our truer paths and our truer identities through ‘solitude’ so that we may become an even better team in the future.

Our paths are extremely interwoven on an intricate and dynamic plethora of levels!

We are very, very similar.

Sound the same. Look the same. Love the same things. Do the same things.
Are naturally great at the same things.
And our paths are the ‘same’.

Our journeys are different of course, but we can tell that we were born to do certain things of a similar nature. No matter how many times we steer away from our ‘path’, we are brought back once again to our purpose. It’s really special to share this with him, and as I write I tear up. No matter how much hardship I’ve been through, I can just think of this fellow and be re-assured that everything is alright. I am not alone in this connection, as everyone who knows Jared would likely agree.

He really is that amazing, and I hope he doesn’t let the weight of expectation bring him down.

Knowing Jared, though… I can confidently say that this is not the case.

Can’t you see?

Jared tryna fly

I recently moved back to live with my father, step-mother, and the true wolf-soarer.

I thought that even with the atmosphere primed for stepping back into old habits, that I actually wouldn’t fall into unconscious living again.

I was wrooooong.

It was really cool to live with Jared as we were both ‘adults’, but there was an immediate sense that we weren’t. It was a beneficial experience that I quickly got out of. I ended up not doing as much as I would have liked to, however, am aware that it’s all perfect and can appreciate what I did do.

For starters, I re-initiated a family get together that now happens every week.

And then the loving and realistic idea of a commune thus began.

Purely by Morgan, and highly supported by Jared.

To fuel this fire, I will create and express ideas!

Continuing on…


  1. This was one of my most favorite blogs yet, and Morgan and I were just talking about how great and awesome Jared was Friday. Amazing stuff, true Kaba right there. ❤️👏

    Liked by 1 person

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