October 23, 2019
Synchronicity Number: 9
Synchronicity Emblem: Cat

Sooo my call yesterday felt really, really awesome.

I am talking so great in fact that all day today I felt a new sensation of alignment and excitement that I haven’t felt in a very long time. And I have absolutely no idea if I am going to end up working with these people (Soulvana).

Will I? Probs.

I wanted to put more energy into it, so I began writing a letter to all of them in a quasi-resume like fashion. I did this during my lunch break, but ended up deleting it all. I was going to send them feedback and ideas after my letter… as apart of my letter… but then I realized that they would get the essence of who I am if I just send them my ideas.

And so I am working on that now, and stumbled across an idea that sounds so awesome to me that it gave me the inspiration to create within my blog!

I am exhausted and wasn’t going to — but here I am, all excited.

My core idea is to ultimately make Soulvana, this spiritual app – living, dynamic, and very interactive.

This is one main core idea, and I was thinking about sending like 5 core ideas. But this main idea is directly linked to what I could directly help with, since I already technically am within the community. I notice that I have a lot more sub-ideas behind this one core one, and that I ultimately won’t be sharing all of my ideas because it’d be a book rather than a letter.

I think they will get the point of who I am … the letter was initially created so that it could be spread around the team rather than just the fellow that I face-timed with over Facebook.

And it’s turning out quite nicely.

The sub-idea ‘under’ the interactive aspect of Soulvana, that caused me to come here, is to create within the app the option to reach out to a member at Soulvana (me) with questions directly linked to their spiritual path.

I also think that there could be an option for calling and discussing.

That’s all I will share for now.

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