Relax and Receive

October 28, 2019
Synchronicity Number: 0
Synchronicity Emblem: Walls

I should really transmute my inner belief of not being good enough before I lose all of my money.

And really, it’s probably just about accepting who I am because who I actually am is quite Divine.

I just bought two new website domains for making my work ‘official’, as my website was previously called:

I recently learned that it’s best to have a ‘.com’, and so I took it upon myself to find a new one.

And after that, I realized that I ‘shouldn’t’ use it, and completely revamped not only the website name, but also what my newer work is going to entail.

So then I have this one that I am currently using, and still, I don’t want to use it.

As soon as I finalized it, I immediately wanted to create a new one.

Aye aye AYE.

So many layers of resistance lately

Starseed Meta: Opening the Gates

This was the first website idea.

Every single idea for something official and long-term like a website name usually has a lot of thought behind it. There is no exception in this case.

Starseed Meta, for one, is based off the theme of a ‘starseed’ becoming aware of itself. I personally have no memories of living a life from a different star system. But I do know that I have.

‘Meta’ is quite often used in my work, since most of what I do is pretty meta. This website, for example, is a promotional promotion of sharing your journey.

‘Opening the Gates’ is a subtitle, which alludes to the story theme and that of opening oneself up. And through my own ‘open gates’, you open yours in turn, thus spiraling the gates of infinite openings.

It’s also related to the gates of heaven, which is connected to the whole ascension thing.

But all of that had to have an acronym that made a lot of awesome sense.


Smog is a toxic and dense fog, which is ultimately what we are clearing here by sharing your story.

SM — is in relation to ‘small’, which is how I have felt growing up all my life.

OG — is in relation to being exceptional and authentic. ‘Original Gangster’ is a slang term, but I just thought that part was funny.

Pulling it altogether, it’s also SMAUG.

Smaug is a dragon, which is related to Draconic history of what I think I am apart.

Lots of my work balances dark and light, and so I express both the dark and the light.

I also like dragons quite a bite.

Perhaps it’s blossoming season soon

Ascension Tailing

This one has a LOT to it as well.

Ultimately, it’s a play on words that I ‘settled’ on (HA), relating to the word ‘ascension’ being a key word I want to encompass.

‘Tailing’ is for shadowing ascension or always pursuing it, as that is what I do.

It’s also related to ‘tails’, which I was imagining connecting it to a logo of a dragon’s tail.

It’s also related to ‘tale’, which I ultimate thought was the best word for story, since numerically speaking, the word ‘tale’ adds up to 38.

38 is the first number that I didn’t write in my journal as I didn’t want to get caught, and thus settled on 37 (definitely settled on this one).

So thematically, it relates to what I was running from. Also, if you add 3 and 8, you get 11.

Which is ascension, and me.

K K (11 11)

Additionally… well first… I just looked up the word ‘tailing’ and it also means the residue from extracting precious ore. Which reminds me of crystals and the theme of how I leave the ‘bad quality stuff’ out there for the world to see.

So that’s coool.

Anyways… ‘tail’ is also a sexual slang term. And sexuality, for me, has just been a ‘thing’ for me up until now.

I don’t endeavor in it, at all, though I wish I did.

Walls to solid.

Tailings not visible yet.

For me, it’s one of those things where I am seemingly ‘stuck’, although I have ultimately come to be quite clear that I am simply not to focus on it yet.

Lastly, the acronym — AT.

A = 1
37 = 1
That symbol has a spiral coming out of it.

It also points and refers to things within social media which has the power to connect people, which is what I am also promoting.

@ is also a call to action

Plus: “Held today in the Vatican Apostolic Library, it features the @ symbol in place of the capital letter alpha “Α” in the word Amen” ~ Wikipedia


‘Sand’ used to be a major symbol of synchronicity for me, and see below from Wikipedia again:
“The term alphasand is sometimes used (for the symbol @), especially in East Asia”

Lastly lastly, there is a song I’ve been listening to a lot which has a line that states,

“Doesn’t matter where you’re from it’s where you’re at“.

So this is why I chose this…

Plus, the name relates a lot more what my promotional videos are going to be about.

But I want something else.

Quantum Jumping is pretty cool by the way

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