Silkweaving Synchronicity

November 3rd, 2019
Synchronicity Number: 99
Synchronicity Emblem: Ice

If you haven’t noticed, nearly every single post has this matrix art that is quite abstract and colorful.

I personally create those, and am coming to a point where I feel the need to slow it down a bit.

I have devoted to posting a post every single day now, and with my new promoting and YouTubing and all these other things, more and more time is being ‘taken away’, and I am not at the point of hiring someone to do these small tasks for me.

So while I may go back into this later and publish my own art work for every single blog post or not, I do not know.

I may sit down and create like 20 of them as I have in the past so I can manage my time better.

But I may grow tired of that as well.

We shall see.

I’ve stumbled across so many obstacles and Resistances lately that it has been quite challenging to ‘push through’ and continue to create.

The urge to go back to my old habits were immense, but I have remained calm and have gotten what I needed to, done.

Things are now magically working whereas before they were magically broken.

Most of my time was spent setting up my new stream for video production.

Here is a link to my new Greetings page, which gives a video and introduces everyone to who I am and what I am about:

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