Crystallized Sun Rays

November 4, 2019

Synchronicity Emblem: Snake

The intuitional pull and energetic hunch to meditate more than I do has been stirring up inside me for a long time now. Gazing at my history and zeroing in on what I wish I had done more of… or seering through to the future and figuring things out… I always conclude that meditation is ‘the answer’.

The question, then, is thus:

How do I continuously experience flow and bliss?


When I say ‘meditate’, there are a lot of belief systems that may arise within you, as they certainly do for me. Meditation, actually, is quite the boring word for me and I don’t like to even say it all that much.

And so to clarify what I mean by ‘meditate’ – what I actually am referring to – is more like a magical mystery tour.

Becoming relaxed and distilling my awareness to silence and nothingness is important and complementary to what the whole scope of what meditation can be. This type of meditation is actually crucial for me at the moment, as I tend to steer away from it because I have belief systems that tell me that that journey is boring.

I have made it a point in my life to have as much fun as possible, and while I got quite good at it… the result was many outcomes of hidden attachments that led to pain for me and others.

Nothing has to be boring, of course, as it is only within our perception that some thing has to be ‘not fun’ or entertaining or in other words… worth our time.

Yet, meditation is probably one of the most time-worthy activities you could possibly do.

It is also a potential gateway into unknown realms of your personal reality, which when fully explored, is anything but boring and nothing but fun and magical.

Deep inner meditation is my next step.

Slither and snake me

I think redefining what certain words personally mean to you is a nice way to bridge the gap to changing how you act, regarding the energetic of that word.

Whether certain words are triggers for you, or you simply know that you might need to be doing more of said word (exercise, yoga, meditation, etc…), it could serve you quite well.

The redefinition of a word, phrase, mental image, or literally anything can be fun and extremely useful, especially if you build a habit of doing so.

Uh oh — did ‘habit’ scare you away?

You can literally take the word ‘Snake’, and make it into something incredible for you to experience. Personally, I am a fan of making things synchronize, so that’s what I am going to do today.

For me, and you, should you wish to participate.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Snakes have many symbolic meanings to them, and it’s up to you to decide on what it reminds you of. For me, I am going to make this a symbol of ascension (it actually sort of already is).

Kundalini awakenings come to mind right away.

As does the universal symbol of health care… which is two snakes spiraling up the Caduceus.

See below –

Does this ring a bell?

This picture also reflects a little Kabbalistic tree of life

I could dive deeply down the rabbit hole with snake symbolism, but that’s not the point.

I don’t want to just increase Snake Synchronicity for myself and others to relate it to ascension… I want to pin point and zero in on another, seemingly unrelated thing, so that every time I see a snake or hear a snake or otherwise become aware of snake energy… that I am also reminded of this unrelated thing.

And I want this unrelated thing to be beneficial to me.


Okay – how about I tie this Snake Emblem to the very thing that I mentioned I need to focus on earlier?

Meditation – and the fact that it immediately sounds boring to me right off the bat.

Sooo, I will remind myself that meditation is that key ‘magical mystery tour’ I mentioned, and not some waste of time.

For me, specifically, I am going to link it to a reminder that I go within with an adventurous and curious spirit rather than a reluctant one.

And the story behind it is going to entail: Silence, Iris, “into the Iris” — Zenyatta, and ultimately fun and expansion.

What I just said probably doesn’t make any sense to you, and that’s because it was a personal connection journey that I just went on that only makes sense to me and I am not going to explain it.

But it’s important to have small (or large) stories behind these connections so that there is more energy behind it and development into what it is that you want to experience.

Ssssshh – be quiet.

This, I would say, is an upgraded version of my Symbol of Synchronicity as it is serving an even more specific purpose. And indeed, it’s serving a very important one (to me)… and also maybe you.

I don’t want to to link this symbol to be a reminder of fun meditation for you, and I encourage you to invite yourself to think of perhaps the one thing (or better yet – a belief) that you’ve been meaning to do or embody.

Find it, tie it to the snake, and then allow it to be.

Whenever snakes come up for you, you will simply be reminded.

And perhaps you already have all of this or snakes were already coming up for you.

That’s even better, and a clue as to the importance of what’s been happening for you.

This is a strong and fun way to re-enforce belief systems that you’d like to have or perhaps even let go of. You are painting reality with your own personal colors, allowing a more intimate, dynamic, and brand new unique experience of potentially everything around you.

Snake Eyes
AA 11

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