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November 5th, 2019
Synchronicity Symbol: Snake

November 5th, 2019
Synchronicity Symbol: Snake

Having several emblems of synchronicity within your awareness can be a pleasurable and mystical experience, especially if it genuinely generates synchronicity — and even more so if a synchronicity collective merges into one event that is baffling.

Currently, I have many different ‘emblems’, scattered and written throughout my website, with very little energy behind each one. Meaning, I sort of just laid them out there, sometimes with little to no other time spent around them.

Each post embodied not only an emblem (symbol), but also a number. I have removed the synchronicity numbers and instead am tying them to categories within my blog for a future analysis once the body of my work becomes bountiful.

So while I have all of these symbols of synchronicity here and there…

Not many of them, again, have much momentum and intention behind them. Usually, as my internal patterns have previously called for; I now scrap the whole project and begin anew.

But that isn’t something I want to continue.

I want to build upon what I have.

So moving forward, I think that 3 posts per Synchronicity Symbol is fine, and indeed, will also allow me to implement my new idea of connecting 2 more posts per post… in order to further establish my deep labyrinthica(l) journeying of Synchronicity.

Apparently labyrinthica is a species of spider.

I often relate my Matrix (website) to a web.

I intend to provide not only a different experience for every single reader when they dive into my Matrix… but also a unique experience for anyone anytime that they decide to read/listen/watch my work.

So you’ll have all these portals and channels to dive into in one or more sitting, that also is subject to change at anytime as I go in and add layers to posts ‘out of the blue’.

Through this process of re-linking ‘old’ synchronicity emblems, I can further connect everything that I’ve previously done to what I am doing now… which ultimately will build a current core of a ‘solid’ body of material that can be referenced with a higher frequency and vibration.

Stone got your tongue?

Last post, I mentioned that I am tying the Snake to a reminder and belief changer.

The reminder is an importance set on relaxation and going within, particularly with meditation. Generally speaking, I like to listen music / guided meditations / or some other form of meditation.

The idea of mindful meditation and going within on silence, ultimately reaching the zero-point field, sounds boring to me.

So I am also fine-tuning my belief of the very word, ‘meditation’, in order to create a newer and enjoyable and ultimately delightful experience of meditation and my pre-conceived perception of it rather than being repelled from it.

Personally speaking, now, I also want to give this more energy so that not only will the chances of synchronicity increase… but also the effect.

It’s good and great to witness uncanny occasions of snakes… but it’s another for it to actually do something for you.

So! – what does the Snake also remind me of?

Adam and Eve. Evil. Dragons. Apples. Shinigami. Kundalini. Awakening. Scales. Reptiles. Gardening. Seeds. Nature.

Okay, that’s plenty.

Distilling the principle of those words down… it looks like there is a foundation of symbolism of nature or natural states interwoven with darkness.

Is this alluding to, for me, the fact that this meditation of which I am to be reminded of and enjoy is ultimately going to help me transmute my darkness?


For all my intents and purposes — sure.

Again, this is the personal energy that I am adding to it.

It is guaranteed that others will personally relate, however, not all will.


Let’s conclude this section’s symbolism.

I think this will be the only symbol in which I explain the process of it’s meaning (for me).

Future emblems will simply exist with higher increased energy, but they will be for the reader to experience on their own unique path
, without me having to do any explaining – whatsoever.

I will have one more post specifically designed to describe the Snake of Synchronicity.

I came up with a better idea!

I am going to wait for a significant experience of Snake Synchronicity before I create the third piece to this 3-piece Journey. I believe it will tie everything together quite nicely, and indeed, give the tangible evidence of this energetic’s fruition.

For this post, though, I will relate to the image drawn by Benjamin Franklin.

See below.

“Hide not your Talents, they for Use were made.

What’s a Sun-Dial in the shade!”

~ Good ‘ol Ben

My entire work, of course, is to connect others and unite.

So this is very fitting.

The message for me, would be that I better do this meditation and work.

otherwise imma die

Not in a way that I pressure myself, as I have done in the past, but rather as a potent reminder that I should really focus on this.

’cause if I dont imma die

This is something ‘the universe’ or my Higher Self has been hinting towards for a while now, and I intend to act upon it. By providing myself with fun synchronicity, I lighten the ‘weight’ of importance that I have placed upon a ‘boring’ activity.

This will also forever change my perspective of ‘snakes’ into something unique and personal to me.

Indeed, it will set positive golden spirals of effect into my reality and thus the world.

What does that even mean?

Basically — I think that by doing this with divine intention, I will ultimately generate positive butterfly effects that will have a significant impact — on the planet — on autopilot.

A ‘small’ note on Synchronicity Emblems.

Whatever the symbol/emblem may be — it is directly linked to your conscious awareness of said item. This perception is entirely unique to every individual, and it’s important that I mention the fact that it’s the perception of the symbol rather that the actual symbol.

We don’t care about snakes.

We care about the very thought behind what a snake seems to be, which is experienced through infinite harmonics by an unlimited amount of ways, theoretically throughout eternity, which ends up showing up at your door of perception during a very auspicious moment so as to spark an intimate connection with Divinity via means of breaking down the walls of disbelief.

I;e – your limiting beliefs are gonna die

How fun!

Snake fun facts

Their kind is millions of years old

Over 3,000 different species exist

They basically exist everywhere except Antartica
(prolly cuz they’a die)

They smell with their tongue
tongue is a weird word don’t you think?

“70% of snake species lay eggs while the other 30% give birth to live young
who knew?

There is an island in Brazil that has up to 5 snakes per square meter

Two-headed snakes exist
snakey snakey


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