Phirea Way

I am in a conundrum!

So much of my content is entirely scattered and not focused.

There are so many facets to everything that I am doing, interwoven with a tendency to change my mind all of the time in the name of something greater, that I never settle on anything!

Sure, I am sharing my story and it’s to generate Synchronicity, but where on Earth is it going?

Perhaps I should focus more on the ascension-aspect of my Story?

Maybe I have to make this into a ceremony of celebration.

I’ve been experiencing so much anger lately. I am entering a semi-perpetual state of ‘fight’.

I’ve been guided recently to practice a form of celebration via ceremony, but I was clueless as to what that would entail.

Should I make my mornings more intentional and appreciative of life?


Or maybe I should begin my zero-point-field meditations and consistently do them as a method to bow down to the Universe with respect.

I don’t know.

I wonder if I should do these meditations before I create and express myself here.

But I am in a space of seamlessly pondering yet again and it is baffling to me.

My best guess is that I am hitting walls as I am trying to advance my Self and particularly my financial aspects, past the edges of current boundaries.

But there is no Tryyyy aye aye ayyeee

I keep feeling overwhelmed — and my days seem to have less kick to them.

I haven’t done any form of body-work in the morning in quite a while.

Except for today.

Yet even though I did something I deem as very beneficial and a great way to increase energy for the day… today was one of my most irritable!

And it wasn’t a normal kind of irritation, either.

It was just strange.

Something’s up!

When I prime myself and the priming does the opposite effect of its purpose… I tend to lose motivation and inspiration.

It’s quite likely that this happens due to my attachments, as often is the case.

There was a time about 2 years ago where I woke up and did literally everything you could think of in order to have an amazing day.

I had such a bad day that day.

That night, I drank beer until 3AM in the morning, stuffed myself with icecream, chips, and looked at blue-lit screens.

The next day?

Fuckin’ elated!

Blew my mind.

Luckily, I am in a state of awareness where my momentum isn’t being lost when these instances happen, which was usually the case.

What are the rhymes and reasons to these images?

Should I focus on them and their purpose at the moment?

Perhaps I should continue a separate story within these scripts.

I found a new place to live!

It’s nearly $400.00 cheaper a month than the current place I live in.

It’s also 25 minutes less of a commute.

One of my future roommates is a yogi!

And it’s a month to month basis.

How neato.

But will I be there for long?

Probably not.

It looks pretty enticing for a small change with large rewards, but my soul is seriously yearning for something so much more fulfilling that what I am doing for work.

I want to truly truly truly help the world, and while I can do that at and for any ‘position’… I ultimately want the core focus of what I am working for to resonate with my own vision.

In the meantime, I wish to make this material more effective.

So perhaps that’s the next step for me.

I am not entirely certain.

But maybe I am keeping myself too limited on the ideas that I have of my expansive soul-growth.

It’s very likely that this is the case.

Yet still – I feel the pull.

I feel the push.

Where am I going?

I feel like I am just providing myself with more and more proof of what I need to do.

Which is take the next steps of getting ‘serious’, which would entail relaxing and not being so serious.

Maybe do those meditations I was talking about via the snake emblem.

Maybe do that Kundalini.

Maybe run.


Perhaps let it all go.

Release all these attachments I have.

Something needs to happen, and at the same time, it’s countersome to say that.

It feels like I should stop talking about it, yeah?

And just get to where I am?

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