Ceremony of Celebration!

Welcome !

It is has been a very long time, you know… since I last did what I just did!


The other night, I had one of the COOLEST dreams that I have EVER had!

In Dream Terms, which is inexplainable and quite elusive… let’s just say that this amazing dream of mine had a core hub, so to speak.

There was a HQ – a head quarters – of which I kept returning to within the dream.

Now… I didn’t start here (in the HQ), however.

Violet scaling

Reality Simulator

The Dream began in a pub that was thematically interwoven with the Western classic type of saloon and a future-esque setting.

There were harmonics of unknown advancements (of the future), so to speak, that I can only recall the essence of rather than give specific details.

Again — Dream Terms.

What panned out during this first portion of the dream ended quickly, and my consciousness within the dream ended up back into ‘reality’, where I was in the HQ that I previously mentioned.

When I returned to this HQ, I became aware that what I just experienced was actually just a story that I had previously chosen to experience.

I woke up within the dream and became aware of doing so.

It was inception – and then it continues to get really awesome.

I was then presented with options of dreams that I could enter from this Head Quarters, which I was first able to preview the story-line and character before I entered into the dream.

I then commenced to enter into specific stories which I chose, and then proceeded to continuously experience and return to this HQ.

I experienced this for a while!

When I dove into a Dream that I didn’t quite resonate with, which seemingly was connected to my ‘actual awakeness’ set of doubts I’ve had in ‘real’ life — I immediately stopped the Dream and chose again.

One of the most peculiar parts about this entire Dream was that I ultimately was aware that I was within a dream when I chose it from the HQ … but I still functioned and acted as if I wasn’t aware when I was within the dreams within the Dream!

This ended up being inception of lucid proportions!

It was NOT, however, a lucid Dream.



I did it, team.

I meditated for an hour.

I didn’t focus on Silence, however, because that would be nearly impossible where I live.

SO – I listened to some sound vibrations of uplifting proportions.

I recently discussed how I was guided into celebrating via ceremony…

And this was one of the first times that I was actually confused at the guidance given to me via the method that I used to receive this guidance.

I wondered if I should celebrate the mornings… or yoga routines… or these blog posts… and then I thought to myself — what if it was just life in general?

And something else did occur to me…

Which was this — what if I celebrated these seemingly monumental activities (prolonged meditations — for me at the moment in my time because it will probably shift) — via these blog posts which I do every day now?

It seemed and seems like a good idea and today is the first time I am acting upon it.

We shall see if I continue this ‘ceremony of celebration’ through these posts.

We shall see!


You know…

The hour long meditation that I mentioned was my ‘Magic Quest’ of the day.

These, for me, are actions or goals that I set for myself in order to exponentially grow.

So perhaps I will celebrate the completion of these daily ‘tasks’ via these blog posts rather than after the meditations, which I previously thought to be the core actions of expansion.

While meditation is certainly an essential facet of growth …

It’s not what I think should be celebrated.

Perhaps Spahrep

Isn’t ‘Ceremony of Celebration’ redundant?

I suppose some ceremony isn’t always enjoyable and positive.

Though, ‘celebration’ is certainly a relative act.

Spahrep perhaps.

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