Tea for Two

Yesterday was sublime!

It was Estelle’s second birthday, and nearly 30 people all came to celebrate in a Tea-Party themed event. We all dressed up for the most part, drank tea and snacked on pastries, and re-connected with each other after some years of passing.

The party was organized by Morgan, who received a lot of help from Rachel. I don’t know how much other assistance was given, but I do know that these two created such a great atmosphere prior to the event that allowed the whole thing to unfold quite seamlessly in a warm and loving manner.

There was very little tension, if at all, throughout everyone during the entire experience.

Everything just felt… so – right.

It was amazing!

We’re all mad here

Do you know what else is amazing?

Yesterday morning I received a message from one of my favorite people on Earth that they are interested in speaking with me for potential contracting with one of my favorite companies and movements on Earth!

Not only one week ago, this same person requested my resume which I had to create real quick, prefacing the mention with a, “we are not hiring right now but…”.

So I am quite excited, to say the least!

There are supposedly multiple potential positions, so I believe there will be great flexibility for me entering into the right slot. I wish upon an amazing role that hopefully has never been done before or is unique enough to keep my tasks changing and exciting.

Regardless of what I will be doing, I will be quite happy. As mentioned in previous posts, this is a company that is in direct alignment with my Soul’s journey and personal vision.

I am going to guess that they need someone to help / engage with the communities that they create. I believe this is due to the lack of their previous presence. They also might be looking for someone to over see the ‘Head of Growth’… because I know someone just moved on or stepped down.

Perhaps a social media / marketing person because I noticed that the last Journey which was created ended up being cancelled due to lack of participation. But I think the issue is in the bandwidth of the company – it seems there was little energy placed into promotion of these Journeys, which are quite awesome if I do say so myself.

And maybe something else that is hopefully magical and brand new!

That would be awesome!

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