Let’s try this again 🙂

My last website was by far the coolest out of all 8 or 9 of my previous ones.

Aaand I removed all posts / pages / everything from it.

I kept all of the posts in a zipped file, so if I want to return to it, I can…

But I am in a newer energy and am embodying what I wish to publicly express.

Which is a far lighter version that what I had previously been publishing.

Most of my last work was neat and had positive energy, but some of it was all outta wack.

Additionally, I realized I forgot to credit almost 100+ images from Pinterest, and so moving forward (below), I won’t make that mistake again.

Right now is a very good time.

It is a very bright and new time.

Filled with crazy possibilities and un(knowns), I am quite un(certain) on the direction of my life for the next few months… and definitely for the remainder of the year.

At the moment, I am an assistant to Ariya and Ashtara.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) for Ariya and sort-of a VA for Ashtara.

I will not be moving anywhere (likely) that leads me to Ariya, but I will be moving (likely) to Malaysia for Ashtara.

Ariya is a world-class energy healer in high demand.
Ashtara is …

Ashtara is something else lol

She has a level awareness that so far seemingly matches my own, in a unique harmonic way, but has a knowledge-base of consciousness and esoterics that certainly surpasses mine.

She also has extrasensory perception and I most definitely do not.

I am quite clairgnostic, clairsentient, and slightly clairvoyant.

I believe everyone has all the abilities, innately, but these would mark my post prominent.

My current realm of spiritual information is practically brand new, considering I only truly began to learn more about it approximately one year ago.

My interest was previously more in creating personal reality and truth and that led to non-dual awareness and belief systems and then breathwork and some energy work.

I found all that was needed to clear all of the ‘things’ that esoterics can go too far down the rabbit hole on.

I didn’t really care much about other esoteric and spiritual things as much because it wasn’t practical for me and was more fascinating than important – for me – at that time.

But then I wanted to learn more about the Truth. I wished to go down that rabbit hole.
Sooo I learned more of human history and where our civilization is headed.

And oh my goodness lol

I will also always continue to learn the different facets of reality perception, dynamics, etc; and how they interweave with all other facets… and so I began (continued, really) to read and read and read.

This newer journey of learning more about dimensional energies, extraterrestrials, and on and on, began right alongside Ashtara.

I found her near immediately during my last transition out of the city.

And now I am connecting with her again during my second (and last) transition out of the city.
La ciudad de manzana grande

The events that led me to connect with her fully were the most synchronistic-filled occurrences I’ve ever experienced.

I actually became frustrated with it and began to doubt my ability to discern what synchronicity was, as the more I saw Ashtara, the more I liked her and the more I was impressed and surprised.

Not many things or people surprise or impress me esoterically or in terms of awareness.

I began to wonder if I was just creating these synchronicities for myself simply because I grew so fond of her.

But then these occurrences just continued to happen, so I ended up contacting her.

And then the occurrences still happened, interwoven with synchronicities with the Team that she works with, so I ended up contacting Soulvana (the Team) for work.

Unexpectedly, it was she who took way more interest than everyone else at the company.

And then she connected me with Ariya who I previously mentioned.

And now I am Ariya’s assistant.

And also Ashtara’s.

Fire, Air, Water, Wind… o wait

It is quite difficult to predict the timings of some specific life unraveling.

Especially post-Malaysia – if I move there.

Which I will

But is my guess that I will be leaving America before June 2020.

And it is my impression that it will likely be much sooner, depending on what I am willing to create.

I believe that it will be sooner rather than later mainly due to the fact that I recently returned home for 02.02.2020 and experienced an interesting energetic mismatch.

A very painful experience of the flue, interwoven with a heave hangover, overtook me.

I somehow immediately rejuvenated overnight, making it the quickest recovery I’ve ever experienced or witnessed.

I kinda like having the flu.
I really enjoy different states of being, as well as challenges, and the flu certainly induces both of those.
I also like the aching pain hehe.

The flu was just the icing on the dis-resonant vibration cake.

The time there was too old and familiar, which is exactly why I am leaving the city in the first place.

My relationship with my family makes it strange to say that it’s an old and familiar energy, as if it’s something I wish to stem away from, because they are and have been my main source of friendship and fun.

When I left them to go back to the city, I was confused consciously but knew innately it was important for me to go back.

I don’t exactly resonate with too many people and happen to be very blessed with aware and deep soul connections within my immediate family.

Still, my sense of purpose has always been to do seemingly way-out-there and extremely-influential things on a global scale for humanity.

Supposedly, these last moments I have in New York City – and soon with my family in Upstate New York – is the pivot for that life’s trajectory.

I can confidently say that it’s the largest turning point of my life.

Indeed, it’s the tangible evidence I’ve been wishing for.

My Dream is becoming a reality 🙂

There’s a watermark at the bottom right fyi

Did you know that the word ‘Kidney’ is mentioned 11 times in the Pentateuch?

You knew that the Pentateuch is the first of the five books of the Bible?


Why am I even asking…

of course you did!

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