My aura is apparently quite Silver.

Platinum, perhaps!

I am now living in Endicott, NY.

It’s upstate NY, and it’s with all of my family.

And currently, my room is on the lower level of my Dad’s house.

The last night of my NYC-living was on Valentine’s Day, making my first day back in town 2.15.20.

I immediately had an emotional release which was tied to pent-up feelings connected to my sister. She and I were always very close growing up, and we ended up getting into a messy situation which left me feeling personally devastated.

We (relatively quickly) ‘resolved’ the issue, and were able to be around each other and talk and joke around… but it became clear that deep down I still felt very un-welcomed in her presence. Knowing this, I was reluctant to reach out to her and chat because I did not feel like she wanted to hear from me.

Ultimately, I think she actually wanted to hear from me.

There is a sense of support that I feel like I do not give her, and I imagine that she feels the same. Interestingly enough – I just felt like she doesn’t want my support but deep down I know this to be untrue.

Of course we both want to be loved and supported by each other!

And this is just my interpretation… but as it is now, we both don’t feel entirely comfortable with one another and that hurts to some extent.

I believe we are both Guardian Angels for one another – so a harmonic of this opposite dynamic doesn’t feel all that wonderful…

When I returned home with my Dad, my sister wasn’t happy that I didn’t tell her in advance that I was moving back. She believed that she asked me specifically to tell her, but I remember a different request for a different situation.

Nevertheless, the feeling of not being welcomed was heightened 10-fold and it triggered these unresolved emotions to be released.

I was quite tired when it happened – which allowed me to be more open.

We saw each-other since that point and all was ‘fine’.

So now, I just have to have a talk with her.

Things are happening swift and fast.

Everything is quite in flow, and I was lucky to have moved back in time to experience my cousin’s birthday party which involved a surprise-psychic reading for everyone.

Here was my reading:

  • My aura is quite silver
  • NYC is significant for me (just moved from there)
  • I will end up in a field of creative writing in the future (I think I am doing that here)
  • A person named ‘Ian’, in work, will be of a positive influence
  • A person named ‘Sarah’ will be of great positive and platonic influence (I think this is Ashtara)
  • I have a past life in England — specifically, London
  • My lucky numbers are going to be 1, 7, & 9

The psychic was okay.

I do not take anything as absolute Truth, but I did find the reading(s) amusing.

I find a lot of things to be simply… amusing

He (Phil – the pyschic), did give relatively accurate readings for some of the people in the group.

It’s been really nice to connect with family.

Right now, I am with Josh, Jared, and Rachel.

Josh is my cousin (brother).
Jared is my brother (brother – and basically me).
Rachel is my cousin (biggest supporter).

And we are also all here with the little one, Estelle.

Estelle is Josh’s daughter (and also one of the most amazing people alive! … she’s 2!)

So, Rachel will certainly be reading this… and Jared / Josh might be.

Now Estelle… who knows.

Maybe far into the future?
That would make sense as this will all be saved and connected to my Journey’s trail.
But!.. yeah who knows.

Work for me is now completely flexible since I do not have to go to an office and there are no hard deadlines yet. I don’t even consider it work! I consider it as much work as I do with this blogging here.

I can do it anywhere I want to.

This is sooo new for me and sooo amazing.

And within the assistant roles that I am playing for Ariya and Ashtara (Soulvana); I am so entirely aligned with them, what they are doing, and where everything is leading.

Not only this… but Soulvana and Ariya are connected to each other and I am playing a part in both of their fields that are interwoven together.

What I learn from Ariya will benefit Ashtara/Soulvana – and vice versa.

And ultimately, this will develop skills for me that will allow me to create work and a business/brand for myself in a very effective way.

However, I am starting to feel the push and pull to try once again for myself!

Mondays are the day that most of my family gets together at Josh’s house – where I am right now.

And yesterday was Monday.

I ended up waking up there, then left around noon to eat ramen with my dad. We ate ramen while playing Legends of Runeterra, which is a digital card game.

It’s quite fun and we had a splendid time.

After that, I came back to Josh’s.

I tell you these things because I am catching you (and me) up to today.

Speaking of my experience will allow me to understand myself better and also provide the trail that I am so fond of leaving. Throughout the tellings of this Story, I will also get into specific details of my inner Matrix (how I perceive reality and the trajectory of my life).

I am considering doing this on a semi-daily or weekly level again… and this time I might consistently express my literal experiences each time.

And as said before — this will allow me and others to witness my growth at a very intimate level, which is something that I am strongly for everyone doing.

In fact, I hope to influence others in doing the same at Soulvana 😉

And eventually the worrlldd.

What am I to do?

I don’t exactly know the specifics of how I am to help the collective awaken…

But I am now absolutely in the right ‘place’ to do it.

My process of training still continues, however – for what I am ultimately being prepared for.

This is just the next level. Albeit a great one.

I’ve finally come to relax on this process of getting to the point of being significantly influential; now innately knowing that it will come to pass but without the rush to force it.

All in Divine Timing, as they say.

And of course – as soon as I did – I became an assistant to Ariya and Ashtara

My next course of action for Soulvana and Ariya is likely to personally reach out to 130+ people in a Facebook Group (Tribe) and ask them how they are doing. Personal connection is a huge proponent of mine – and I think it might just be what’s needed to revive this Tribe.

And if it’s not… then I shall learn my lesson 🙂

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  1. Kaleb I too read what you write! It is important to me to know whats going on with you. I know your struggle with Chloe she has talked with me and Im glad its important to you to make things right between you two. She wants that too. I love you and am so proud of you!


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