Nocturnal Oranges

April 17th, 2020

While unlocking doors along an esoteric hallway of my Self, I realized that I was within a dream.

This time (for the first time ever), I did not wake up shortly after realizing this!

Generally speaking, whenever I realize that I am dreaming, I end up rushing whatever it is I am doing and try to quickly use the opportunity to create lightning.

In my last lucid dream, I created a lightning-tornado of great proportions. Shortly afterwards, since I hadn’t woken up yet, I immediately tried to create the biggest tree on Earth.

This didn’t work!

My tree didn’t emerge and I woke up.

That was the first time I wasn’t able to do what I intended to within my lucid dreaming.

It was a ‘monumental’ task in my mind, so that’s why it probably didn’t come to fruition within the time that I was in awareness

Going back to my esoteric hallway of my Self…

I was unlocking each Door within this hallway with a unique Key.

When I realized that this was a dream, I had no intention of creating lightning or doing anything with this opportunity. I allowed myself to continue unlocking these doors – and within my awareness – realized that I was metaphorically unlocking new arenas of my life even though it was not metaphorical amidst my dream!

The doors were indeed ‘real’ to me in those moments.

Falling off the edge, my friends

So while I am not entirely sure where I left off in my blog, concerning my career and life path and all the happenings, I will update this space with where I am, now!

Global lockdown!.. well, sort of.

The world is on edge with the Coronavirus, and starting tonight at 8pm, everyone in my town (Upstate New York) has to wear masks if they have to be in a public location.

I saw my brother, sister, aunt, and cousin yesterday for the first time in over a month due to the pandemic — it was a celebratory birthday dinner for my brother and I.

His birthday was 3 days ago and mine is – tomorrow!

He turned 20.

I turn 23.

It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s my birthday.

My dad asked me what I was planning for the day and I drew a blank.

I had and have no idea and quite frankly don’t really care all that much. It’s a Saturday and no place is open in the public. There isn’t really anything special I would like to do.

The quarantine doesn’t actually affect this for me too much.

In general, I would not be inclined to do anything particularly crazy for a birthday.

I have been very caught up with my recent ‘work’ … as things are moving insanely fast when everything else in the world seems to be slowing down…

Safe in the bubble

Ashtara, the one who brought me into Soulvana and the one who I was to be assisting personally – is now leaving Soulvana!

She’s so funny.

She will be much more at peace with this new life and I am quite excited for her.

Her focus will be on her own work, which is wonderful because her level of consciousness far ‘surpasses’ most of the individuals who she was previously promoting and spreading around the planet.

My position in Soulvana has been completely upgraded into the position of ‘Student Success Guide’ – and my role is to delight and provide the best possible experience for all of Soulvana’s ‘students’.

Basically – before, during, and after a user has purchased a ‘Journey’ within Soulvana, which is a transformation program of an average of 7 weeks – it is my job to ensure that everyone benefits from this to the highest degree.

It’s quite all-encompassing, and my role is growing into this full position.

The CEO of the company, Klemen, seems to be very excited to have me on the team which is an absolute honor and was seemingly an impossibility for me just a year ago.

The core of my ‘work’ is community management.

I am overseeing about 7 communities of people who have opted into our high-consciousness programs… which is just entirely amazing.

Giving esoteric advice and guidance to everyone who asks, nurturing and growing the communities to a point where the community itself will give this guidance, and establishing the foundation for these currently small groups so that it may emerge into something quite grand and exponential… is again just entirely amazing!

It’s quite the time for online communities considering the pandemic – and it is going to be interesting to see where I end up after all of this.

Indeed, I will probably land in Malaysia when the time is right.

Tuning in to our gifts

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