This website of mine is an alive matrix of Synchronicity journeys built to help people awaken via their own intuition and resonance through experiencing my own journey of intentional ascension expression.

If you have already watched my story and what I am about, please feel free to scroll down and select a Portal of Synchronicity to dive further into the labyrinth of my Soul.

I invite you to set an intention or ask a question before you explore.

Click the homepage for the whole Maze.

Gaze into Choco’s eyes and be hypnotized

WTS portals to the Shadowlands

Portals of Synchronicity (more coming very soon hehe)

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  • 7 – Wolf-flutter
    • This post is about my brother, Jared – (6.30.19)
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11 ~ Crystallized Sun Rays

This is the beginning of my upgraded and focused theme of Synchronicity.